NAPUS, USPS and Be The Match

If you have not signed up to be a marrow donor and are interested, the Postal Service will cover the 100.00 cost to join the registry.

Be sure to use the promo code "USPS" when registering and it will let you bypass the payment screen. The Postal Service will continue to cover the cost of joining the registry for all employees who are between the ages of 18 and 60.

NOVA District Training Session


There will be an off the clock training session Sunday April 3, 2016 in the Culpeper Post Office conference room, located at 205 S Main St, Culpeper, VA 22701 from 9:30am to 3:00pm.

We try to make these training sessions short and to the point with MPO’s and/or District Managers in attendance for a short Q & A and then a topic of training. These training sessions are provided as a cost effective means of training and to focus on the issues we are having in our daily performance of our jobs. We all learn something new and the fellowship provides essential contacts for future references.

This training will help those in attendance to see where they stand based on their office information. The final implementation date for the initial phase of POSTPLAN is September 30, 2016. It will not only affect the future of Level 18 Post Offices but higher level Post Offices that will assume the addition responsibilities and level 6 and 4 that may be reduced. Do you know where your office or RMPOs stand?

State Convention


Don’t forget to register for the VANAPUS State Convention at the Mimslyn Inn in Luray, VA. Registration is only $50, and if you attend the convention through Sunday morning, you’ll receive your registration back.

This is the last VANAPUS State Convention before the merger into UPMA. Attendance at the state conventions has been down in recent years, with retirees outnumbering active members three to one. Let’s show just how strong we can be together, both active and retired members, and fill this historic hotel.